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About - earthncycle
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earthncycle story

Everything has always come easy to me.

As a child, school was effortless, I was directed towards a tough classical music path and I enjoyed it. I decided to go for scientific studies at university and they were fascinating and only challenging in a positive way.

Out of university, I didn’t need to send curricula around, work opportunities I liked arrived without searching. And a family, and two children.

But still…

Still, one day the need arose to independently, abruptly, riskily create something from scratch, not on the basis of a promising opportunity, a well-designed plan, an invitation, but rooted on a vague yet persistent passion, our planet.

earthncycle philosophy

Being conscious makes us beautiful.

Isn’t – long-lasting, unfailing – beauty coming from what’s under the surface? Increasing our consciousness about our planet beauties and threats and letting it guide our actions will make us, and the planet, more beautiful.

earthncycle textile creations are just witnesses and testimonials of our purpose.


earthncycle project

The project idea is to increase consciousness by storytelling.

The means is creation of essential apparel for everyone, starting from a new perspective on Earth’s landscapes, the one of satellite images, or ‘views from eyes in the sky’ if you prefer. Such eyes let us see a variety of locations and help discover the stories each of them can tell us.

The process is based on ongoing research to produce in the most respectful, or sustainable way: minimising environmental impact and maximising social impact are the guiding principles.

These translate in limited/on-request production: use of natural, sustainable and recycled fibres (e.g. wool, econyl, modal); exploration of innovative technologies (e.g. digital printing with low water consumption, laser cutting, 3D printing); use of local resources (both in terms of materials, processes and manufacturing) to reduce CO2 production associated to transport within the production chain; promotion of little, high-quality, high-experience laboratories.

how to get involved

Read the stories, ask for specific stories, contribute with your stories.


Order one of the limited edition pieces and/or order made-on-demand ones.

By doing this you’ll become a witness, a testimonial, and you’ll economically support the project.


The earthncycle project exists thanks to a number of people and entities.

Source images

Nothing would be possible without Earth Observation satellites, textile creations graphics is based on their acquisitions. Check single pieces for specific credits.

Textile pieces photo shoots

Special thanks go to photographers and make-up artists: Jacopo Astengo, Simona Gandola, Riccardo Lancia and Elisa Delfini.

Special thanks to the models: Simonetta Ceccacci, Federica Mignucci and Masha Yerokhova.

Special thanks to the laboratories involved in the production chain, to a number of supportive friends and family members, to Claudia and Silvia from Ferentino.

Last but not least, a heartfelt thank you to Luc and Lucia.