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Semina - earthncycle
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The Semina collection is a collaboration between Biclot and Earthncycle.


It tells a parallelism between fashion and agriculture, between man and nature. Sowing a field involves a cyclical process: sowing, germinating, growing, harvesting and sowing again, according to a self-sustaining circle.


A cycle that is a repetition of gestures and attentions: like a woman who dresses, it is a ritual that is carried out every day, with care and dedication.


Choosing the items of this collection is equivalent to planting a seed for a more sustainable fashion:

  • because the clothes are made in a biodiversity of innovative natural fibers with low environmental impact technologies
  • because it is a modular line that inspires those looking for a style that reflects their personality and their universe of values
  • because it supports the use of Italian raw materials, a transparent production process and local craftsmanship.


Thus, the satellite images of immense agricultural areas, from which the graphics draw inspiration, are the guide and inspiration for an urban woman, who makes conscious and ethical choices.


Communication campaign in collaboration with Ambra and Tea from anagramma





A video project inspired by an extract from Reborn (ed. Nulla Die 2019) by Valentina Belgrado. Featured clothes and graphics are from the Semina collection.

Listen to the original text reading by the author and watch the video.